OMEGA CENTAURI A game by Nigel Buckle.

In the dying embers of what was once the mightiest of Galactic Empires a new flame gutters before it steadies and burns ever more brightly.  For two Millennia the corrupt Empire has oppressed and subjugated your race, reducing a once proud people to nothing more than the lackeys of a nefarious administration.  But now a chance for retribution shows itself, the Empire has grown weak and lax overstretching it’s resources and bureaucratic capacity believing itself indestructible.  Now is the time to act, to raise the flag of freedom and inspire the peoples of Omega Centauri to force back the Imperial forces and reclaim their pride rebuild their civilizations and once more stand proud and strong.

As the newly chosen leader of your race can you lead your civilisation to dominance and victory over the Empire and other, alien species emerging from the ashes?  

Will your newly freed people begin an era of culture and technological enlightenment,or will they be plunged into bitter intergalactic conflict on an unprecedented scale?  

Is the path to victory ever so easily chosen?  

Or Will it be enough just to keep your species from harm and weather the ravening storm upon the horizon?

Only you can decide!