MYTHOS TALES Kickstarter launched and reached its funding target after just a few hours!

Mythos Tales is a game of macabre detection and Lovecraftian horror for 1-8 players designed by Hal Eccles and Will Kenyon.  In Mythos tales players take on the role of private investigators in Lovecraft's Arkham, tasked with solving a series of horrifying mysteries. As detectives players may either play competitively or cooperatively against MisKatonic's erudite librarian, Dr Henry Armitage, pitting wits against the master detective.  Each investigation may take between 60 - 120 minutes to complete and the game will include 8 investigations.

The Kickstarter Edition of Mythos Tales

By backing Mythos Tales on Kickstarter you will receive a hardback, full color edition of the Casebook for the game.  This will be replaced with a softcover book for the retail version.  also if stretch goals are reached a 9th and 10th case may be included with the Kickstarter edition, please consider helping to fund the game by supporting the Kickstarter campaign.

Spiral galaxy games will be handling  EU and US shipping by our Partner 8thSUMMIT the campaign is both EU and US friendly.

Distribution deals are still being sought for Canada, Australia,New Zealand, Asia, South America and Africa.

The Game has proven immensely popular in its PNP versions even before it was renamed due to naming conflicts.