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Game Artist Project

Spiral galaxy would like to thank everyone that applied for the artist work for this project Destiny Lauritsen has been selected and we would like to congratulate her.

 Checkout her initial sketches here

Spiral Galaxy are looking for a game artist for its upcoming release of ReFloristation the new Florist business management game designed by Paul Harris.

If you are interested in producing the art listed below please apply by emailing the Spiral Galaxy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Include any information or art links that you think are relevant to the project as well as a your price per image and availability.

The Art pieces consist of 36 Similar flower images, 20 different Cariacatures of peoples head and shoulders (from photographs) and a box lid.

Bear in mind that Spiral is looking for an artist that can bring some individuality to all of our projects so the sample art on here are examples only to give you the idea for your art 

Our concept art for the flower cards looks like this: 

The reverse of these cards at the moment are planned to be the same bouquet image as the black and white image only in full colour our artist will need to design this bouquet also and create the black and white version for the background of the flower card fronts.

The staff cards will be images of high pledge level backers from the KS campaign and as such are expected to be a simple card with a background of the inside of a florist shop at around 75% opacity behind the subject with their mid to top body image behind a counter in the foreground. Each card will have one or two unique characteristics alongside the person which are unique to that persons special ability we would expect our artist to help arrange these items in a pleasing way. For example "Chris Anther's Mum" may well be holding some Chysanthemum flowers and sniffing them appreciatively.

There may be a requirement to produce some delivery van images also for delivery cards. total of 5 cards.

Finally the box image we expect the artist that creates the Staff images will also create an image of the games designer (Paul Harris) as a Flower delivery operative in a doorway holding out the Bouquet from the flower cards towards the artists view an order pad in his other hand and a garden background fading away to a fence with the delivery van parked next to the open gate. 

The chosen artist/artists will need to be available to have designs of all of the card types agreed by start of June 2017 with three or four sample cards of each type ready for launch at that time The box art also will need to be agreed in principle for then and hopefully close to production quality.

The project art will need to be completed and signed off by mid to late August for production September.

The project art will not be complete until the production company accepts the media as printable according to their printing requirements which is available for the project artist.

If you wish to quote for this project please email the Spiral Galaxy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Include any information or art links that you think are relevant to the project as well as a your price per image and availability.

Thank you for your attention.

Flower Card List

Red Rose Yellow Rose Pink Rose White Rose Purple Rose Orange Rose
Red Lily Yellow Lily Pink Lily  White Lily Orange Lily  
Red Orchid Yellow Orchid Pink Orchid White Orchid Purple Orchid Orange Orchid
Red Tulip Yellow Tulip Pink Tulip White Tulip Orange Tulip  
Red Gerbera Yellow gerbera Pink Gerbera White Gerbera Orange Gerbera  
Red Chrysanthemum Yellow Chrysanthemum White Chrysanthemum Purple Chrysanthemum    
Red Carnation Yellow Carnation Pink carnation White Carnation Wildflower   


Staff Card List


Moira Greene
Violet Darke
Cali Ring
Peter Ree
Mel T Tasker
Juust Van De Livree
Ivan Moore
Hugh Mann
Felix Abilla - Tea
Hans Lamett
Phil Orders
Karen A Shun
Carl Hector
Norman Eespoint
Rhia Crewter
Vicky Poinz
Winona Plant
Rose Red
Fleur Wilder
Chris Anther's Mum






Designing your game

From your interest we can assume that you are interested in if not involved in Board Game design.

Research : 

There are a lot of games out there thousands of new games are published or created every year for this vast market many of them do not get published and quite happily the designers create PNP (Print and Play) versions and are happy to collect donations from their players (and this does happen).  Reading about and learning about game design in all of its facets is a vital part of your journey to your game being realized.  One of the biggest sources of designers information comes from "Board Games Geek" or The Geek" as gamers tend to know it by.  Many designers share their experiences good and bad in these forums and many questions get answered there.  There are a wealth of websites out there which offer free information and even paid tutorials solely focused on board game design.

The Concept

All games need to have a concept in many cases these may be abstract where game pieces have no relation to any physical entity like Solitaire or Mancala. More normally however your game will be about "something" from developing civilizations right through to destroying them in space the only limit to your concept for your game is your own imagination.


Mechanics refers to the methods that your game will use to enable interaction with the game and other players.  There are a lot of game mechanics and new ones are developed for new games all the time.  In the board game industry it is rare for a mechanic to be exclusive to a game although it is kind of customary to put your own spin on it.  Mechanics are such an integral part to the board game that they are used to describe game genres.  Worker Placement, Card Drafting etc.


Often one of the last parts of the game to be completed but an essential


Spiral Galaxy submission criteria

Spiral Galaxy Games are looking for more games to publish, this ranges from taking new games through the development and delivery process to co-publishing options.

Before you get too excited, please realise that we won't publish most of the games we look at, that our playtesting sessions are generally booked up weeks in advance and if we like your game it could still be many weeks before you hear back from us as we'll try to get as many people as possible to have a look.

Read more: Spiral Galaxy submission criteria